Is a fully managed services stack that provides actionable insights to operations team helping them make decisions on lowering energy/asset related operating costs.

Why Insights-as-a-Service?

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Our #InsightsaaS offering leverages existing data assets/investments, insisting on additional data acquisition only when required and as the client starts to extract maximum possible value from the current data investments.


API approach provides the capability to upscale the system anytime in the future so you can start small, but yet think big over time.


As a principle we push Insights/ Call to actions to existing BI tool our customers might be using, this ensures that customers remain in complete control of the end experience. In case if the customer so wishes, we can deliver the solutions on a custom developed platform.

Low Risk &

All of the mentioned points make our #InsightsaaS offering a Low Risk and Low Investment business case, ensures that organizations (both big and small) could start leveraging Energy Analytics.

How is Insights-as-a-Service delivered?

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Integrate energy, process and other key operational data on a central location.



Managing data streaming for multiple use cases.



Delivering actionable insights on Energy Management, Predictive Maintenance etc. as push notification or integrating with existing BI(Business Inteligence) tool.

Get 5X ROI!**

Run Insights-as-a-Service package for 2 years
and Get ROI as high as 5X!

3% - 7% *


Insights on network behavior, planning and operations. Productivity improvement.


Insights on network behavior, planning and operations. Productivity improvement.

5% - 8% *
Value creation from Insights-as-a-Service over a 2-3 year cycle
* Through various use cases ranging from Energy Management / Efficiency to Asset Utilization and Predictive Maintenance
** T&C apply

Starting from $1,500 per year


Plug and Play

Stack is being built to accommodate any commercial building type (big or small) having diverse range of assets in the HVAC network. Configurable and can go live in less than 7 days for any new site!

Persona based Insights

From Energy Managers to Account Managers all have different KRAs (Key Responsibilities), taking that into account the #InsightsaaS stack has layer of insights and specific call to actions designed for each user type.


Data Aggregation/Transformation (ETL), Data Processing and Analytics are all independent pieces connected via robust APIs. Allowing our solution to be flexible and for customers to choose the right kind of solution that fits their need.


Availability of Rest APIs to export data/ insights from our system. Allows organisations to maximise leveraging of the data assets.

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About Company

EnergyTech Ventures is a data analytics company working at the Intersection of Energy, Data and Consumers (Commercial & Industrial). Digitalisation has opened up phenomenal opportunities in the Energy markets, EnergyTech Ventures is working to create value from data and bring it forward for all stakeholders.

Founded in 2017, EnergyTech Ventures has operations in India and Australia and has been backed by Global Investors including Startupbootcamp.

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