Assess, Report and Manage
Energy Performance

Manage your Performance through a Customized Energy Data Analytics Strategy by properly Assessing, Managing and Reporting your Energy Consumption, thereby, helping you increase Energy/Resource Productivity.

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What we Do ?

EnergyTech Ventures brings the best of Energy and Technology by helping clients extract the maximum value out of their data by assessing, reporting and managing energy performance to reduce operational costs, enhance productivity and comply with regulations.


EnergyTech Ventures is a Joint Venture between E-Cube Energy, a Kolkata-based energy data analytics solutions provider, targeting small, medium and large enterprises and Indus Net Technologies, a leading Digital Service provider to the world. Whether your goals are to save energy, enhance production or comply with regulations, our customized #EnergyDataAnalytics solutions will help you in every step.



Energy Analytics represents systematic, evidence and data led process in identifying and assessing opportunities to advance energy savings in unit operations in industry. It's beginning to make inroads in Indian industry as a management tool to establish realistic energy savings targets and as a means to measure and verify progress.

EnergyTech Ventures through its products and solutions helps industries/utilities get started with their energy data strategy and transition to faster, better and cheaper way of assessing, reporting and managing energy performance.

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